Pool Wall Keeps Falling

by Tasha
(Florida )

We are installing an oval pool. Right now we are trying to install the wall that goes into the track but it keep coming out as soon as we move to next area and the wind is knocking it over. What can we use to stabilize it?

Hi Tasha

I build the pool frame at the same time I am installing the side wall. Once in a while I will just use the stabilizer rods taped to the wall, but either way the wall will always be supported, otherwise, well, the wind blows it over. Or with an oval pool the sides will just fall in by themselves, the wall has to be taped to the side supports or the top rails installed over top of it.

I always recommend building an oval pool complete, with top rails and uprights before you even begin to spread out the sand and prepare the base. You want to make sure everything fits in advance of putting in the liner. When you have water in the pool is not the time to find out the top rails don't fit or the sides aren't straight or the ends aren't round. Built the pool and check it for level, for straight sides and make sure everything fits.

I install my overlap liners by stretching them over the existing framework so the pool needs to be built anyway. With a beaded liner install the bead receiver before the top rails and they don't ever have to come off.

I don't like walls falling down so I always keep them supported.

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