Pool Wall Repaired with Sheet Metal

by Angela

We had a liner replaced yesterday in our pool and the guys used sheet metal, duct taped to the existing wall to repair a hole. Now the pool is half way full of water and bowing out where the sheet metal is. Can't get a hold of the installer and unsure what to do.

Hi Angela

It sounds like you need to lower the water level down to below the patch. That would be a good start.

I am assuming they put the patch on the inside of the pool wall, at least that would be the only place that makes sense. So the problem is the metal used for the patch is too thin or not big enough.

What needs to be done is the liner released in that area so you can get behind it and replace the patch with something thicker and probably bigger.

As long as the wall is not badly rusted a patch should work just fine. It just has to be done right. After taping the patch in place I also run a couple of pieces of tape up and over the wall, just to be sure the patch does not slip until the pool fills enough so the water pressure holds it in place.

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