Putting New Pool Where Old Pool Was

by Nancy

We had an above ground pool, 33' round, that was up for 17 years. This past winter it leaked and the wall folded, so decided to put in a new pool that is the same size.

The old pool either sunk in the ground or dirt and sod built up around the pool, because when we took the old one down it was buried about 6 inches below the grass level. We now have to dig out a foot larger than the old pool in order to put up the new one. The ground beneath the old pool was fairly level and compacted, but even if we dig out a foot around the new pool it will be below the grass level still.

Do we have to dig out all the area around, raise up the existing area, or how can we do this without a major excavation project. Could we dig out a foot further than the pool and then back fill around the wall? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

Hi Nancy

I would dig out the extra foot around the pool area. Keep the pool level the same as the old pool. If you suspect the pool may have sank be sure to use blocks under all the uprights. When the new pool is full it is OK to backfill the area with dirt or granite. Mound the backfill a little high on the pool wall to be sure you have plenty of drainage. You don't want water sitting around the pool but packing dirt around it is no problem.

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