Replacing A Partially Sunken Pool

by Steve

I had a large rusted split in my pool wall. The pool was sunken into the ground about 1 1/2' and there is a wooden deck surrounding 3/4 of the pool, ground level. I tore out the old pool and bought a new one.

My problem is that when I install the new one, I will have to attach the uprights to the bases before installing the walls, which is the opposite of how I see it typically done. I can't rip out my deck and remove all the dirt. What is the problem, if any, with doing this way?

Hi Steve There are many problems in doing it this way, but most of the time it is doable. Your first consideration is whether or not the new pool is the same as the old one. The size and shape of the uprights change. The lengths of the bottom rails varies between pools. If you are installing the same make and model, you should be OK, if not you just have to lay it out and hope for the best.

The actual installation is a lot different. I start by laying out the bottom rails and connecting them to the footplates. Hopefully at this point everything fits. If so you can start unrolling the wall. I install an upright to the footplate and then insert the wall. I do this one at a time so the uprights do not have a chance to fall over. I also have someone following behind installing the pool rods to keep the wall from falling over.

The wall seam can be the most difficult. If it is a Doughboy with a wall bar it is pretty easy to install the upright, get the wall ends to line up, and then hammer down the bar. Nuts and bolts provide a different problem. It's not easy getting in behind an upright to hold a nut in place, again doable, just a pain.

I've done this with pools buried all the way in the ground so only being a foot and a half should be a little easier. But then there is the deck, they can sure get in the way.

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