Replacing A Top Rail

by Steph

I need to replace a top rail on my pool. It was defective. I have water in the pool.

I have a beaded liner with a rail over it and a top ledge. Can I replace a rail without emptying the pool?

Hi Steph

Rails can be replaced with a pool full of water, but it is not always easy, and not always safe.

A perfectly round, and perfectly level, pool can stand just fine missing a few top rails.

The problem is the pool will spread just a little. When I do this it usually take two or three people pushing on the pool rails and uprights to allow me to line the screw holes up.

It is so much easier with a foot or so of water out of the pool. It does not take much to take some of the pressure off the top rails.

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Nov 05, 2012
Top rail
by: Anonymous

When you push the top rail in with 2 or 3 people doesn't that mean there is more pressure on that part of the pool and won't the constant pressure on the top rail cause it to snap again?

I had a top rail snap on me and just like you said the pool spread some.( about 1 inch) and I am letting water out of the pool to make it easier, but will the new top rail snap like the other?


It sounds like you may have resin top rails. I have had problems with them before and it is possible it could break again in the same place.

One way to deal with the problem is to go around the entire pool making a slight adjustment in the spacing of each top rail.

This is very time consuming and may require making your own holes in the top plate, but it does work.

If you are using steel rails, they should easily hold if the shift was only an inch.

Jun 25, 2014
Broken Top Rail
by: Art

I have the same issue with my top rail; it is a resin rail (ledge).

See post here called "Broken Top Rail"


Jul 14, 2014
Replacing A Top Rail
by: Art

Hello, Steph of Canada), have you fixed your pool? if so can you state what you did and any photos..


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