Replacing Above Ground Pool Liner

by Diane
(Halifax Ma)

My husband and I have to replace the liner and we have a pool with rails and pool fencing around it large enough that one can walk around the top of the pool how do we go about replacing the liner this is going to be our first attempt at this for we had to do some repairs and local pool contractors do not want to do it for they do not want to be liable. Thank You, Diane my email is

Hi Diane

If you are lucky you have a beaded liner and nothing has to be taken apart. All those types of pools should have come with beaded liners but unfortunately many did not.

With an overhang liner the top rails will have to come off. All the ones I have dealt with there was a way to do this. Not always an easy way, but a way. You have to get to the top of the wall in order to remove the retaining rods and the old coping. Once the liner is installed, it's just a matter of getting it all back together.

Not always easy but I have not seen one yet I could not get a liner into.

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