Replacing Expandable Liner with a Surrounding Deck

by Larry
(Wisconsin )

I have a 27' round pool that is surrounded by wood decking about half way around the pool. The middle of the pool is one foot deeper so I purchased an expandable liner. My question is that installation instructions for an overlap liner calls for the liner to be pulled all the way over the rails around the entire pool. While the top rails are all accessible, there is no room between the deck and the outside of the top rails to pull the liner over the top. Is there another way to do this type of installation by securing the liner to the top of the rails or with manpower on top of the deck holding the liner in place until the middle is stretched into place and water covers the bottom?? Help please!


Hi Larry

I tell all my local customers that I need access all around the pool to install an expandable liner. I want to be able to pull the liner up and over the top rails, I would also like to be able to walk around the pool as I remove and replace top rails.

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