Replacing Metal Top Rails

by Doug

Doughboy Oval Pool

Doughboy Oval Pool

I have a 41x21 oval Doughboy not sure of the model but it was installed in either 88 or 89 it has wood grain sidewalls and yellowish metal rails and supports. I had the liner replaced in 2001 and it needs another new liner, my wife wants to have the metal top rails replaced with the plastic they use on the new models, can this even be done or is it a bad idea?

If not possible does the Doughboy dealer sell new metal rails that we can purchase? Can you tell what year or model the pool is?

Hi Doug

Doughboy has had so many different models that all looked about the same it's hard to tell what you have. A Doughboy dealer should be able to help identify it for you.

I think the resin rails would work, I don't see why not. Resin rails sit higher up than the metal ones do. There is about a half inch space between where they sit on the top cap and the top of the rail. This means you probably need to replace the decorative caps also.

One of my customers had a friend with an auto paint shop. He took all his Doughboy top rails and caps into his friend and had them sand blasted and professionally painted with high quality auto paint. They came back really nice. Just an idea.

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