Return Hole Rusted

by Steve Foster
(Trezevant, Tennessee 38258)

I have an above ground Doughboy 24' round pool that is 25 years old. We have gone through three liners and are very pleased. However, last year a leak began to form at the "return" hole through the outer wall. It went unnoticed and is now in danger of end of life for our pool.

My question is this.... were these outer walls in one piece or were they connected in panels? Can I replace the rusted section that has the return from filter. Also, I noticed that when I uncovered the pool this week that there are 4' sections that have dropped from the top to about 16" above the bottom. Where did these sections come from? We had a terrible ice storm and all the water and ice ( 51/2 " !) tore the liner and was wondering if the stress of such weight allowed these sections to drop? I'm pretty sure my liner is shot but would put a new one in if I could fix that one section of wall. HELP ????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Steve The four foot section you see down the wall is most likely just a retaining rod. I can't think of anything else it could be. These can be recovered when changing the liner.

As for the return opening, duck tap a large cookie sheet over the hole, from the inside of the pool. Use tin snips and trim the sheet so it is flat. Use a 2" hole saw and cut a new opening in a good section of wall. It's about as easy as that.

The wall is one piece and very expensive, not worth the effort, or expense, of trying to replace. just patch the opening, cut a new one, and install a new liner.

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