Rotting Smell Under Intex Pool

by Shelley
(Blanchard OK)

What an awesome website you have and thank you so much for the answer to my question. Last year we bought a 18x42inch Intex pool, just something to cool off in. When I took it down at the end of the summer I was met with a smell that omg lasted for weeks.

I realize the grass underneath had rotted. Like others I had read we did not put sand down due to the instructions and also since I will be taking it down at the end of the summer and thereafter, I do not want to really alter my yard, plus a left over sand box after the pool comes down would be a hay day for my cats and my chickens, lol.

We do have a slight slope and we managed to level it by placing wood blocks and shims under the poles as it filled, no kids just floating, so I didn't worry about any danger.

So my question is, instead of sand, what can we put under the liner to protect it and to keep from having that nasty smell. And after reading some of your other answers I have purchased patio blocks to put under the poles. Also, what would you suggest for a more stable ladder that can handle 2 rickety 50 year olds. The ladders made for those pools are junk.

Thank you so much

Shelley Oklahoma

Hi Shelley

There are many things to use under a pool besides sand. I do understand your issues with leaving a sand pit over the winter months. You could just use the tarp that comes with the pool, some indoor outdoor carpet or 4 x 8 sheets of foam. If you leave the grass there I'm not sure the results would be any different.

I would remove the grass, level the dirt and then put something between the dirt and the pool.

This page Above Ground Pool Ladders should give you a good idea of what's available. There are a couple shown that might be just right for you. You want something sturdy enough to stand on it's own and still support you. Many of the cheaper ones rely on being mounted to a top rail in order to be stable. Some are stable on there own and they are probably the ones you will be looking for.

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