Sand Filter Blowing Sand In

by Julie

Hello Again, I have a 28' Doughboy AGP with a 1.5 hp Hayward and Pentair Sand Dollar filter. The pool was used, so we put new sand in the filter when we started the pool. We are noticing sand in the bottom of the pool. ALSO, if we backwash, a considerable amount of sand comes out with the water.

I have read what you said about it possibly being a tear in the lateral, or a gasket. My question is, how do I go about finding out. The pool is full, and we don't have a shut off valve from the pool to filter.. So would we need to drain below the skimmer to be able to open the sand filter?

My second question is, the clean up of the sand. Our vacuum connects right into the hole in the skimmer, no adapter that I can see. Unless I need to purchase one. Can I vacuum that sand out? Or will that be harmful to the pump/filter?

Finally, you have a very informative website, and I truly appreciate all the help you have given me.

Hi Julie

If the pool is set up with the standard flexible hose it is usually possible to just do a fast switch and connect the skimmer to the return. If the pool is hard plumbed now would be a good time to install shut off valves. This can be done without draining water out of the pool, just plug the return and skimmer openings.

Your first task would be to replace the spider gasket in the filter valve assembly, that is usually the problem.

A Doughboy skimmer has an opening below the skimmer area, that is for the vac hose. There is an adapter that fits into the opening, the hose connects to that. When that is hooked up the lid to the skimmer gets set down inside the skimmer blocking off the suction to the skimmer area. Vacuuming the sand back into the filter is not bad for any part of the system, it is just fine.

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