Setting Up Pool on a Portion of Pavers

Area For Pool

Area For Pool

We recently purchased a 16' above ground pool for our small yard (Arizona heat is no joke and we very much would like to cool down). We have been working on leveling the soil ground where the pool will be placed and have purchased sand and heavy duty tarps for some added protection of the pool liner.

Unfortunately the pool is just a tad bit larger than we anticipated for our yard and will cover all of our soil area and come up just a few extra feet onto our extended patio pavers as well.

The patio pavers are not exactly level to the ground and there is about an inch to maybe two inch drop off from the pavers in some areas where the soil is low right around the pavers.

Initially, we thought we would be able to fill these drop off areas in with some sand and cover with the tarps. After some research, I am finding this not to be the best idea as the sand will compress from the weight of the water filled pool.

I am hoping there is some other solution and we can rig our yard to be able to safely set-up our pool. Any advice is much appreciated! I have attached a picture of one side of our yard to see how the pavers and soil sit. We have removed debris from the area since the picture was taken.


The only solution I can see from your photo is to dig up the patio blocks and level the area correctly.

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