Signs Of A Bad Pool Installation

by Mike

What are some signs to look for to suspect that a pool is unstable and may be a candidate for collapse. I have just installed a 27x48 and filled it with water and so far all looks ok as far as I can tell. How long should it take for something to happen from an incorrect installation job?

thank you

Hi Mike. The most important thing is that the pool is level. You can measure from the top rail to the water level in several spots around the pool. If it's all within an inch you are probably just fine.

A pool that's not round is another problem people often encounter. This one is easily detected as you are installing the pool. If all the pieces fit correctly, and all the holes lined up the way they were supposed to, the pool is probably round and level.

When a pool is not round or level the installation will likely be full of problems. Pieces won't fit and the wall won't stay in the track, things like that.

Most pool problems are noticed soon after the pool is full. The ground settling and the pool slowly becoming un-level can happen over weeks or even years.

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Jun 07, 2011
The Purpose of Pool Straps
by: will

I had a hole in my semi in ground 18x36 liner which caused water to run underneath the pool. I went to repair the beaded liner and took half of it off and found that two of the straps were bowed up out of the sand. Are these straps necessary or can I cut them and place them back under the sand. What is the purpose of the straps?

Hi Will. The straps keep the sides of the pool from pushing out. If your pool is at least half way in the ground you probably do not need them. Otherwise the straps are a very important part of an oval pool.

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