Solar Heat for an AGP

by Chris
(Westchester, NY)

Solar Heat Drawing

Solar Heat Drawing

After two years of having my solar panels sitting on the lawn behind my deck I decided to install them on the roof of my two story house. I was advised that the filter pump would not be able to get the water up to the roof so I added a second pump.

The problem I'm facing is the pressure from pump #1 is blowing the lid off of pump #2 any advice on how to handle this. I've attached a sketch of the line and valve layout.

Hi Chris.

I would start by going over these two sites and make sure you have your valves and check valves all in place. The heater line should be running off the return side of the filter so it should not affect the pump on the input side.

If the lid to your secondary pump is the one coming off you could just get rid of the hair and lint pot altogether. Since you are working with clean, filtered water, there is no need for it. Run your pipe directly into the front of the pump.

This is a very simplified version of a solar panel hookup.

solar panels on an above ground pool

Swimming Pool Solar Panels

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