Straps on Above Ground Pool Pushing Through Liner

Just had 15×30 above ground oval installed and within two days I notice straps pushing though the liner. I called the pool installer and told him what was going on, he said because my pool is sitting on wetland this is causing the problem and I might have to install a pump underneath the pool to help with this problem with the water. I told him that does not make sense to me because the pool we had there before never had a problem, he said the old pool didn't have straps where this one does. To be honest it looks like he didn't dig deep enough to bury the straps. So he came out and fixed it now the other side is showing, is this normal or is my gut telling me he didn't do it right? Pleas help.


This could be a very serious problem. You never want an above ground pool liner coming in contact with metal of any kind. Especially oval pools with pressure plates or strapping.

I am not buying the installers story, it sounds to me like they were not properly covered with sand or some sort of pool base. Stay on this until the situation is solved, I think it is all on the installer and I hope he makes it right with you.

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