Summer Escapes Pool Unlevel

I bought a 15'X42" summer escapes pool. When we leveled the ground it was nothing but a muddy mess. My yard is clay so the water has no where to go after all the rain. My pools up and it has still rained consistently.

So when we prepared the ground we made it level, we did use sand, covered it with tarp and used support blocks under the posts. It's like 4-6" unlevel. My "helpers" whom help me prepare and set up don't seem to be too concerned and it's got me pretty worried. It hasn't moved, it's the same amount unlevel as when we started but it sways as the water moves.

I called a local pool store and the man told me to get sand and build a 3-6" support barrier around the bottom of the pool and not to worry about draining and refilling.

I've tried to research if anyone has done this successfully but I am getting no where. Can you give your opinion please. Thanks for your time!


If it were mine I would drain and level it. If the pool is sitting on too much sand that could be the problem. I would just use an inch or two to cushion the pool, all other leveling would be done with dirt, clay or crushed granite.

Putting sand around the pool would not do any good. Sand will shift and not offer any support. Again, I would make the pool level.

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