Time Between Liner Installation and Water Fill

by Nancy
(Johnstown, NY)

We are putting up a 33 foot round resin pool, but since we are doing it ourselves I may not be able to have it filled the day we put the liner in.

How soon after installing the liner must it be filled? If I can't get it filled the day we put it in, how much water would I have to pump into the pool to keep the liner stretched and in place until I can get a water truck on site? thanks

Hi Nancy

I run into this situation from time to time. I need about three inches of water in the pool in order for me to finish the job. After that I recommend the customer fill to about six inches, that is enough to hold the liner in place until the water truck arrives. It's actually better to set the liner with just the garden hose. Get the liner set and the pool all put together before you bring in the truck. The water comes out so fast it's almost impossible to work on the liner when it is filling that quickly.

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