Top Galvanized Metal Ring Rusted

by Bob Potter
(Fort Myers, Florida)

I have an 18' above ground pool in SW Florida with a salt water chlorine system. I have had it set up and running for around two years. The top galvanized ring sections that go over the plastic sleeve that holds the liner in place has rusted nearly through. I knew that this might be a problem with the salt system. I keep the salt and chlorine as low as possible.

I have searched for a resin or aluminum ring to replace the rusted one without success. Does anyone sell something that is more resistant. It's hard to believe that I am the only one with this problem.

Hi Bob

This problem has been going on for years, even here in Arizona. The old Muskin pools were the worst. I understand your problem and wish I had a better solution.

If you are lucky enough to find parts for your pool I would get them. So many pool owners are just out of luck with getting replacement parts. Once you have them I would give them a coat of paint before installing them, that might give you an extra couple of years.

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