Two Bottom Rails Rotted

by Mark Ternosky
(Kenvil NJ USA)

I want to replace the faded pool liner, no leaks just faded. I noticed two bottom wall rail tracks completely rotted to dust. Can and should I replace them. It is a 17 year old 24 foot round pool in very good shape.

Hi Mark

The bottom rails are more to make the initial installation possible as opposed to a structural part. Normally a wall will have a coving on the inside and probably some dirt packed around the outside of the pool. This is more than enough to hold a wall in place.

If you can find the parts, and feel like taking the pool down to make the change, you could. But it is not needed. Support the wall on both sides and you are fine.

Be sure to inspect the wall carefully. Most of the time if the rail has corroded so has the wall. Be sure you are not putting a new liner into a wall that is about to burst. Reinforcing a wall is much easier if done before it bursts.

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