Unlevel Pool - How Much Is Okay

by Tim
(Carroll, OH)

We have recently installed an AGP ourselves. It is a 24' round. The only problem is the pool is unlevel by 3 inches. The rest of the structure, pool wall, uprights, etc. seem pretty round and structurally sound. The water reaches the skimmer sufficiently. The pool was installed on a concrete base with foam cove and foam insulation under the liner. Do you think this degree of unlevelness is acceptable?

Hi Tim

It sounds like you will be just fine. While the directions want you to be within an inch there are exceptions.

You are on concrete so there probably are not any drastic rises or drops, it should be all gradual. Also being on concrete means there will not be any shifting that would cause the level to get worse.

You have pool cove in place so there won't be any issues there. I would not be afraid to use and enjoy the pool.

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