Water Level in Pool Pump

by Shila
(Brownsville PA)

I have a 1hp maxi pool pump and where the skimmer is inside the pump, the water doesn't come all the way up to actually touch the plastic cover but there is alot of power from the return. Is this ok? I just was under the impression that it should be completely full.

Hi Shila

You are under the right impression. The lid to the hair and lint pot should show water all the way to the top. What you are seeing is air getting into the system. While the filter can still function well with this going on it will work better once you fix it.

Normally all it takes is lubing the o-ring under the lid. This needs done every few weeks. A product called Aqua Lube does a great job. Tell the pool store guy what you are trying to do and he will have a good o-ring grease.

The only other places you could be getting air into the lint pot would be the skimmer to lint pot hose ends. If either of them leak when the filter is off, that might be the problem.

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