What Comes First, The Deck or the Pool

by Jamie B
(Muscatine, Iowa)

We bought a used Doughboy Pool with a deck. We disassembled both ourselves so we know how to re-install. My question, what comes first? The deck or the pool?

It would seem the pool- but how on earth can you have enough room to get to the bolts/ screws when reinstalling the deck? Also, I would think that you shouldn't be digging the footing holes that close to a pool (cave-in), which makes me wonder if the deck should go up first. I just wonder if I should get people to rebuild the deck first- then have the pool people come. ARG! I can see it go either way.

Hi Jamie Do the pool first. It is next to impossible to properly install an above ground pool up next to a deck. When I install a pool I need room to walk around the pool, that's the only way I can properly install the liner.

The deck posts near the pool should be cut and set on blocks, you do not want to dig near the pool. All the posts could be set on blocks if you wanted, that's the way I do decks. But no, do not dig near the pool.

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