What Model Is My Doughboy Pool

by Dalayne

Doughboy Pool

Doughboy Pool

Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me identify the model of my pool. It came with the house that we bought and the vertical uprights are starting to rust at the bottom. May need replacing soon.

It is 27-28' round x 52" deep. I believe it is a Doughboy, but I cannot find any info online about the name or model. I know its at least 15 years old. Thanks

Hi Dalayne

It sure looks like an older Doughboy. They have had many different models over the years, way too many to remember. Even though I have built thousands of them over the years I could not tell you what model that is.

The good news is that those parts have changed so little. Doughboy is very good re-using the same molds year after year.

The next time your pool is empty you should be able to remove a couple top rails and pull the top connector plate. The top should be the same as the bottom. You should be able to take that plate into any Doughboy dealer and order your replacements.

Blue Glacier Doughboy Pool

This model is called the Blue Glacier. It has a wider top rail than yours. This one is an 8" rail and I believe yours is the 6" version. Like I said, any Doughboy dealer should be able to find matching parts for you.

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