What To Use Under Pool

by Robert
(Flint, MI)

I want to level the ground for a 32 foot pool. It is around a foot different in elevation. I was going to use a couple inches of mason sand beneath. I'm afraid a foot of sand will settle. So... Can I recess the pool a foot below earth or if I want to bring grade up should I use gravel/limestone or what?

Hi Robert

You can dig down or you can raise up, either way is OK. What you can not do is set the pool on a foot of sand. That is a disaster waiting to happen.

My normal way of doing things is to start digging on the high side and move the dirt to the low side. I wind up digging down more than I raise up because of the large ledge I build on the low side.

Raising the ground even 6" requires a 2' ledge to set the pool on. So, I dig down, I use all the dirt I dig up on the low side, and I build a good solid ledge out beyond the pool.

The whole time I am digging and moving dirt I am also smoothing and packing the fill side. I don't know when to quit digging unless the low side is smooth and packed.

If you plan to just raise the low side, with no digging, crushed granite is the best to use. Your sand and rock place will have something similar, something that will pack like concrete. This works fine as long as you build a proper ledge. The more fill the more ledge.

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