When to Place the Pavers

by Aaron
(Spokane, WA)

I have recently purchased an Intex 18' x 48" round pool with a metal frame. I am in the process of leveling the ground but had a question regarding the placement of pavers (brick shaped) under the legs. What is the best method to determine where the pavers should go? Do you level the ground, build the pool, and then place the pavers?

I would prefer to place the pavers before I build the pool, I would like to use a ground cover underneath it, and don't necessarily want the pavers under the liner. I have a transit level ready to go but am unsure of how to proceed. Any help is appreciated.

Hi Aaron

Setting the blocks is one of the last things I do. My partner would be on the inside with the water running smoothing out the wrinkles. I would be on the outside setting the pavers and hooking up the filter. When I was done the inside would be smooth and we were done.

I guess my plan was to be sure all the pavers were far enough away from the liner. I would still use the laser level on them and it went pretty fast to place a small block under each post. The ground would have already been leveled and a thin base of sand put down.

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