Zodiac Pool On Brick Patio

by Robin
(Los Angeles, CA)

I was looking to buy a Zodiac above ground pool to put in my back patio. The material that we used for the patio is brick in a harringbone pattern on top of compacted sand. We did not cement the brick in. My concern is if it a good idea to place a pool on this type of flooring. Also what would I have to do to protect the bottom of the pool from the brick?

Hi Robin. I don't see any problems with putting the Zodiac pool on your brick patio. Your only concern will be providing enough cushion under the pool so the brick pattern does not show through to the bottom of the pool.

Indoor/outdoor carpeting is the first thing that comes to my mind. It is thick enough that most of what is under it will not show thru. Most of the pool cushions on the market these days are pretty thin, probably not the best base to use over brick.

Carpet pad is another inexpensive option, but it may take a few layers to even out the brick underneath. You would have to be the judge of that.

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Jul 29, 2011
Alternative Padding
by: Maggie

We use the big, square, interlocking rubber pads that are used for kids' playrooms under our pool every year. I cut the outside squares into a circle to fit just inside of the pool's base ring. Then we use play sand for the cove - inside against the pool wall. Makes for a great cushion and when you take the pool down, you can use the sand to sweep into your patio.

Excellent idea, thanks.

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