Is My Pool Level

by David

Just had a 24 foot 54" above ground resin pool installed. The pool is filled and I noticed that the water level appears higher on one side compared to the other.

We had a beaded liner installed which has a tile border on it so it made very easy to see the water level. Is the pool out of level or could the liner have shifted. I had the installer back out and he told me the pool is level. He placed a level on the top seats and stated all were within an 1/8 of an inch.

I am worried the pool is not level and will experience problems in the future. The variance looks to be about an inch.

Hi David. A pool that is within an inch of being level is supposed to be save. One inch is what most manufacturers write in their instructions and warranty info. So you just need to find out of your pool is within the industry accepted specifications.

I have no idea what the installer was doing with a level on the top rails. That will not tell you much. Take a tape measure and measure from the top rail to the top of the water. Do this every few feet all the way around the pool.

I promise you, the water is level. So measuring up to the rail will tell you if the pool framework is level.

If you are very far beyond an inch I would call the installer back and show him how to tell if a pool is level or not, and then ask him to fix it. Fixing it is not that hard and he should do it for you.

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Many Install Issues

by Dave
(Rhode Island)

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was required to move my 27' round pool about 15 FT. After digging out and trying to get everything as level as I could, I now have a few issues. I have filled the pool and noticed a few things.

The first is that it is not exactly round, it has an odd shape to it. The other is that I have a few posts that seem a little off. A couple are pushing out a bit, and a couple others are pushing in. Lastly, the water level is different from one side to the other by about 2". I know the usual norm is 1".

So I'm curious if all these things are ok, not really concerned with the looks, more with the safety. Just wanted a pro opinion on it. Thanks!

Hi Dave. It is impossible for me to say whether or not the pool is safe. I would have to see it to be sure. Normally a two inch overall difference in level would not necessarily make a pool dangerous. However, that mixed with other problems sure could.

If all your bottom rails are sitting on solid ground, and you have a good solid cove in place, you should be fine. If you have dirt packed around the outside of the pool you are in even better shape.

The rules for a good looking safe above ground pool are to build it perfectly round and perfectly level. Any deviation from these rules will adversely effect the outcome.

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unlevel swimming pool

by Aaron

I just set up a 24ft round Silverado by Patriot above ground swimming pool at the end of summer, and after filling it up, the water at one side is touching the rail and the other side its like 4 inches away from the rail!

I was wondering how I could fix this without taking out the liner, taking apart pool and loosing a lot of water?

Hi Aaron. There really is no way of leveling a pool that is full of water. It is possible to do by lowering the water down to just a few inches, and then quickly refilling.

You could drain the pool down to a few inches and pull the rails off on either the high or the low side. My preference is to work on the side opposite the skimmer if possible.

You will need to pull the liner back from the wall and have someone hold it away from the area you are working, this has to be done from inside the pool, of course. With the liner out of the way you can raise or lower the rails.

If raising the wall you may want to put blocks under the uprights and possibly the rails as well. If you are lowering an area just digging under the rail and footplates is usually enough.

The most important part to this is being sure to replace the cove before letting the liner back into place. By keeping water in the pool and working areas away from the skimmer you will not take a chance of the liner shrinking or shifting. This can save a lot of extra work in resetting the entire liner.

This page explains more about leveling a pool that has already been installed and filled.

Pool Out of Level

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Un-level Pool

by Aaron
(Sebewaing Michigan)

unlevel above ground pool

unlevel above ground pool

I just put in an above ground pool last August and it's un-level... probably about a five inch difference. Different people and sites tell me that I can drain it to about a couple inches left in the pool and nothing will happen to the liner.

But that worry is always there because I spent 300.00 on the liner and I want to do everything I can without ruining it for quite a few years.

So I would like to know what are my options to level it without major excavation, because like I say, its pretty un-level... thanks.

Hi Aaron. This page explains it pretty well. Pool Out of Level

above ground pool drained for repair
It is very important to leave a couple of inches of water in the bottom of the pool. If you do the repairs immediately, and refill immediately, in direct sunshine, you should have no problem with the liner shrinking.

This process will require a few helpers. You need a couple people holding the liner back away from the wall and a couple more people to do the leveling.

It's not that difficult and much better than living with a pool that is off level, and never knowing if it is safe or not.

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Pro Installed Pool Not Level

by Jason
(Port Jeff Station ,N.Y. )

Here goes : my family and I had a pool installed this week (15 x30 Extruder) by Shark Line. Excavator came in did his job, then installers came Wednesday to install pool, semi inground 30" below grade (yard is sloped towards back so about most of pool is viable out of grade in rear). We have been filling since Wed. and noticed today by looking at pattern from end to end pool is about almost two inches out of level ! What should we do, I am very angry!

Hi Jason I would be angry too if my pool were installed off level. Measure from the top rail to the water level every few feet around the pool. If there is more than an inch variance anywhere around the pool you should be demanding something be done. More than an inch is not acceptable for a professional job.

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