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Pool Questions Index

Over the years I have answered a lot of questions about above ground pools.  I hope the ten pages of questions and answers I have on this site, all about above ground pools, will be a big help to current and future pool owners.

Below I have listed the questions and the pages they are answered on in hopes of making your search a little quicker.  All ten pages would make good reading if you have the time.


above ground pool and wood deck


Hundreds more above ground pool questions are answered in the ask the pool pro section.  Your pool questions are more than welcome.

Page 1

1. How long have you been installing above ground swimming pools?

2. How did you get started doing this?

3. Can I have my vinyl pool deeper than 4 foot?

4. How long should a vinyl liner last?

5. What are the best brands of above ground pools?

6. Do I need a permit for a pool on top of the ground?

7. How many people does it take to install an above ground pool?

8. What size pool do I need?

Page 2

9. What can I do to keep grass from growing through my vinyl liner?

10. Do you ever give advice for do it yourselfers?

11. Can I install my above ground swimming pool in the ground?

12. Can I heat my above ground swimming pool?

13. What tools would I need to install my own above ground pool?

14. Does my pool have to sit on level ground?

15. How long should my above ground pool last?

16. What can I do to make my pool last longer?

Page 3

17. How do I get the most life out of my liner?

18. What do I do if I buy a used pool with no instructions?

19. What types of decking are available for above ground pools?

20. Is it safe to buy a used pool?

21. Should I hire a professional to install my pool or do it myself?

22. Does anyone make a special ladder to fit on a wood deck?

Page 4

23. What do you do with your pool in the winter?

24. How long should I run my filter?

25. I love my above ground swimming pool but I am constantly having to get out of the pool to get a cold beer or settle for drinking warm ones, do you have any suggestions?

26. Are my small children safe around our above ground swimming pool?

27. I am constantly forgetting to turn my hose off and overfilling the pool, what could I do?

28. How do I know if I have an overlap liner or a beaded liner?

Page 5

29. I can't hear the stereo when I'm under water, what can I do?

30. What is the best way to light my pool?

31. Can I install an above ground pool on concrete?

32. How should I store my pool equipment?

33. Can I get something besides a plain blue liner for my vinyl pool?

34. What type of chemicals should I use in my above ground pool?

Page 6

35. How big of a hole can be patched in a vinyl liner?

36. Is it o-k to let my dogs swim in my above ground pool?

37. Does the size of the top rail really matter?

38. My only source of water is my well. How should I fill my pool

39. What is the best type of hose to use for the filter hookup?

40. What should we do with our above ground pool when we go away?

Page 7

41. What do I do if grass grows through my vinyl pool liner?

42. My yard has a lot of slope, can I fill in the low area or do I have to dig out the entire high side?

43. What types of water toys are safe for an above ground pool?

44. Do above ground swimming pools require any special electrical hookup?

45. How often should I change the sand in my sand filter?

46. How do I get the wall bar off the Doughboy pool I'm taking down?

Page 8

46b. How do you find holes in vinyl liners?

47. Should I use concrete blocks under the posts?

48. How far can my pool be off level and still be save?

49.Any advice for moving a pool?

50. What is the best type of landscaping for around my above ground pool?

51. How do I install a used liner?

52. Is it better to use more sand than recommended?

53. How do you feel about preformed pool cove and pool pads?

Page 9

54. Why is my liner pulling down from the pool wall?

55. Can I convert my beaded liner pool to an overlap liner?

56. Should I level the pool area with sand or dirt?

57. Why am I loosing my filter pressure when I hook up my vacuum?

58. Where can I find instructions to help with an above ground swimming pool installation?

59. Can I leave my old liner in the pool and put a new one over it?

60. I let my pool sit empty and my liner shrank, what can I do?

61. Why does dirt come out of the return when I am vacuuming the pool?

62. What do you recommend, steel walls or aluminum walls?

Page 10

63. How far can I sink an above ground pool into the ground?

64. Can I repair holes in my sidewall or do I have to replace it?

65. How far can my filter be from the pool?

66. Where can I find replacement parts for my above ground pool?

67. Where can I find fencing for my pool?

68. Can I replace just my sidewall?

69. The paint is peeling off my top rails, should I replace them?

70. You said it is OK for dogs to swim in my pool with me but how can I get them out safely?

That's it for the pool questions index, I hope your question was answered.


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