Above Ground Pool Covers

Every Pool Needs One

Above ground pool covers are a must for every above ground pool owner.  If you get them on before the big storms, clean up after will be much quicker.  Pool covers are also the best way to winterize your pool.

Winter pool covers are made for just about any size above ground pool.  If you cannot find an exact match just go one size larger.  A little extra cover will not hurt nearly as bad as not enough.

Above ground pool covers protect the pools from the environment and they also protect little kids from the pools.  A good quality pool cover is one that you can actually walk on without damaging it.  It should easily support a child and allow them to get off the pool safely.  Most covers have a wench and cable system that get cranked up tight around the outside of the pool.  Many cranks have a padlock included for added safety.

above ground pool cover
Pool Cover
In The Swim carries a full line of above ground pool covers and accessories.  You will find covers of different thicknesses and quality.  A cheap cover is better than no pool cover at all but you will, however, get what you pay for.  A more expensive quality cover will last many more seasons than it's cheaper counterpart.

Winter pool covers are the best way to winterize a pool and they are the best protection from the summer storms.  It is also nice to have a solar blanket on hand to put on in the early spring to get the water warmed up and ready for swimming weeks ahead of pools without one.  In colder climates solar pool covers are used all summer long just to keep the pool warm enough for regular use.

Make sure also that you have all the necessary pool cover accessories.  You will probably want things like the pillows for under the cover, the pump for draining the water off the top and guards and plugs for the skimmer.  Another useful item is the Winter Pill (#ad) to be used before covering the pool for the winter season.


One of the reviews I read for a less expensive cover really made a good point, one worth your consideration.

"Over the years we had more expensive covers (double or more in price) they only lasted 2 years, then started failing. I put one of these on every year, new. It works great, for one season. When we're ready to open, we pull this thing off, fold it up, and throw it in the dumpster. I could pay 3 or 4 times the price and get a cover that will last 3 or 4 years, but it's not worth the bit of plastic I'm saving and the time I'm wasting.

For about 50 bucks a year, which is about 66 cents a day if you look at the pool season, it's just not worth wrestling with old covers only to have them look like crud and fail prematurely.

For 1 season, this is a 4 star based on performance and value.

For 8 seasons, I'd be shocked if it was recognizable as a pool cover at the end."



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