18' Pool Liner Replacement Problem

by David Picard
(Quebec City, Canada)

I have a 18' above ground pool that is around 15 years old. I finally decided to change the liner this year even though it is in "good shape" (no holes). Got everything removed and ready to put the new stuff in. Unfolded the new liner (J-hook style) (paid more assuming easier) The liner seems to be too small for the diameter it is meant to be. Watched countless videos of under educated people installing liners like if it's a kid's game. I dont get it. It's like im the first person on earth having this problem or maybe I'm really stupid. I've heard about temperature; it is around 32F and I cant believe warmer temperature would help that much. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong it's like I need a good 2 feet on circumference. If I would have built a brand new pool and had this problem I would blame myself outloud for that but since I'm replacing an old liner, I take for granted the diameter is correct since it fitted the previous liner! Again, I don't get it.......

Hi David Trust me, the temperature makes all the difference in the world. 32 is way too cold. The liner will easily stretch in much warmer weather.

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