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We have several places on our site with awning installation pictures to help you with the building and planning of your own cover.  If you are just now in the early process of learning your options a lot of the information on this site could be useful to you.  We are all about patio covers and other shade structures.  Let us guide you to some pages of interest.

Our Alumawood Installation pages show an Aluma Lattice type awning from start to finish. The car cover construction page shows a freestanding carport being built, including some helpful tips. Our building plans section will help you find books and downloadable plans for all types of backyard structures.

aluminum lattice patio cover
There are a lot of do it yourself awning kits available on the web. Visit here to see a nice selection of window awnings. This link will take you to awning, patio cover and carport kits.

If you are looking for awnings of a more portable nature see all the great car covers here or visit our section about portable awnings.

Still looking for the perfect shade? Try our site map and see what the rest of our site has to offer. Our shade buyers guide will put hundreds of awning products at your finger tips.

If you need an aluminum awning installed in Arizona use this form for an estimate or give me a call.

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Awning Questions and Answers

1. What are the color choices with an aluminum awning?

2. How can I make my awning stronger?

3. What types of panels are available for aluminum awnings?

4. Do I need a concrete slab to mount the posts on?

5. What type of hanger do I need for attaching to a house?

6. What are the different factors involved in wind loads and snow loads?

7. What can I mount to the sides of my awning for extra shade?

8. Does my awning have to attach to an existing structure?

9. Can I attach one awning to another one?

10. If my concrete pad is off level will my awning be off level?

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