Window Shade

Best Ways To Block The Sun

Lets explore some of the many ways to find window shade. From the outside of your home you can install shade screens, window awnings, roll-up-shades or outdoor window blinds.

 On the inside of the home mini blinds are the most popular way to shade a room. Mini blinds have grown in popularity and design over the years and the options are endless.

Stopping the heat before it enters the house is important for keeping cooling costs down but mini blinds offer privacy and light control and would, to a lesser degree, help with the cooling costs.

Visit our window awnings section for more ideas about windows  and shade, and don't miss the roll-up shades.  The shade screen section will also have some good shade ideas. Shading the home from the outside is well covered in the rest of our site so this page will focus on the inside.



Follow the links at the bottom of the page to see all the different types of blinds and window treatments.


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