52" Liner In 54" Wall Pool

I have a 24' above ground pool with 54" sides. I would like to order an overlap liner but most liners come 48 to 52". Will that work? I was told on a warm sunny day that it will work.


I would not hesitate trying to install it. Most overlap liners wind up with nearly a foot of extra liner that gets tucked back into the pool. This is plenty of extra liner.

stretching a pool liner

If you stretch the liner into the pool on a warm day you should not have a problem. If you do not plan to stretch it, you might. Either way, the warmer it is the better chance you have of the liner fitting.

These pages show some examples of liners being stretched into an above ground pool.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Installation

Expandable Liner Installation

Above Ground Pool Liner Installation

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Jun 18, 2011
by: susan p

My pool is 24ft and 52". I bought a new liner that is 24ft and 54" overlap. Will that be plenty enough overlap for my pool? If yes, could I possibly have a deep end with this liner?

Thanks, Susan

Hi Susan.

Yes, you will have plenty of overlap but no, I would not try for a deep end. You need an expandable liner for that. Dishing out the center a few inches should be fine, but no deep end.

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