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I have been installing above ground pools in Arizona for 50 years.  If you are looking for installation prices in Arizona go here.  This is my current price list.

The most popular stores in the Phoenix Arizona area selling above ground pools are B&L Pools, A&M Pools and Pool Supply Warehouse.  We do a lot of work with all of these stores and I can personally recommend all of them.  Buying your pool from a local company will give you the advantage of having someone to go to with problems and obtain help with chemicals and pool accessories. 

Doughboy above ground pool
The most common Above Ground Pools in Arizona are Doughboy and Lomart.  Since so many of our customers are now buying pools online we see all types.  Any of the Wilbar brands seem to be the most popular with the internet buyers.

I have been working with people all over the country with their above ground pool installations for a couple of years now.  My site visitors with questions are encouraged to Ask The Pool Pro.  I also contribute to pool forums with pool advice.  Since I have been doing this I have learned so much about pool installations in other areas.  Due to many different factors what I do here is not always what is done in other states.  The differences are many.

  • Type of soil.
  • Ground water level.
  • Type of sand available for pool base.
  • Type of material that can be used as fill.
  • Popularity of beaded liners.


Cantar above ground pool
When installing above ground pools in Arizona we level the pool area with the dirt from that area.  Our soil packs nice and makes a very solid base for above ground pools.  When fill material is needed we use crushed granite.  Because of our firm soil we only use blocks for the brace systems on the oval pools.  Other parts of the country have much different soil conditions.  The biggest issues seem to be sandy soil or high water tables.  It is important to check with some local authorities when making decisions about what type of fill material is best and about using block under the uprights.

We use mortar sand for all of our pool bases with very good results.  I have never seen a reason to switch to pool pads or a vermiculite-cement mixture.  Some areas do not have suitable sand for a pool base.  Many other options are available and again, it is the locals that can help with this.

To bead or not to bead.  There is only one reason I would start with a beaded liner.  If you are planning a deck such as this one, that will leave your pool rails inaccessible, it would be a smart move.  Otherwise there is no reason for the added expense.

See this page for photos of an above ground pool being installed in Arizona. And speaking of Arizona these are our prices for installations. Above Ground Pool Installation Prices You can use these as comparisons for what you are being quoted in other areas, this is what we do here in my home territory.


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