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Above ground pool care does not have to be something you dread doing everyday.  There are a few simple things you can do to make your pool ownership a pleasure, not a pain.  With the right chemicals, the right filter and the right cleaning equipment it should all be easy.

The filter is the key to a healthy pool.  You need the right size for your pool.  You also need to run it enough hours a day and keep it cleaned out.

The chemicals you use in your pool are also important.  There are many ways to sanitize a pool.  I use chlorine tablets in a floating chlorinator and granular chlorine for a quick boost when I need it.  I also use vinyl pool shock every two weeks.

If at any time you see your water clarity change in any way run the filter non stop until the water clears.  This is the one thing few people do and it will save you so much headache in the long run.  If you need to shock the pool or have your water tested that's fine.  Just let the filter run, even if it takes a few days.

above ground pool cleaner
Automatic pool cleaners are a real blessing when used correctly.  They can also chew up your pool liner if left unattended.  Make sure your pool cleaner is set up to stay in motion most of the time and then use it only when you need to keep the pool clean.  It should not be used every time the filter runs, that is to much wear and tear on the liner.

If you need to hand vacuum on occasion keep the vacuum head away from the edge of the pool.  The vacuum head against the pool wall will create small pinholes all around the pool.

It is extremely important for owners of above ground pools to always keep water in your pool.  Vinyl lined pools should never be emptied except for changing the liner.  Everything else should be done with water in the pool.

And speaking of above ground pool care and automatic cleaners, this one is still my favorite.

Above Ground Pool Cleaner

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