Pool Wall Repair

Replace It Or Repair It?

Liner changing time for your above ground pool is a perfect time to do some pool wall repair.

It is best to start by cutting the old liner out with a razor knife, leaving the pool completely assembled for now.  Once the liner has been removed from the pool, closely examine the pool wall.  Does it look anything like the one pictured below?

A wall that is maintained at every liner change will outlast the neglected ones by many years. So, is it time for some pool wall repair?


pool wall rust
This pool wall has a lot of rust around the top and some minor issues around the base.  I would recommend sanding the rust away and painting the wall with some spray paint.  Be sure to give the paint plenty of time to dry before installing your new liner.  If at anytime you see holes in the wall take a little time and repair them correctly.  After sanding and painting, duct tape flat sheets of metal over the holes for extra strength.


pool repair flashing

The metal for wall patches can be almost anything that is flat and thin.  A cookie sheet can be cut with tin snips and used as a wall patch.  I have even taken a beer can and modified it to work.  Somewhere out there is a pool labeled Bud Light.  It is also possible to buy aluminum flat stock flashing material from hardware stores or awning companies, or Amazon.  This is the best material to use for above ground pool wall repair.

24" X 50'Flashing (#ad)

This flashing material is usually sold in either 12", 18", or 24" widths and can be cut to any length.  This type of material is perfect for inserting into the bottom rail on the inside of the pool.  A single piece can be run around the entire inside of the pool effectively reinforcing the cove area of your pool wall.  This cove area can be prone to rust and the extra protection could greatly extend the life of your sidewall. Use plenty of duct tape to cover all exposed edges.

It is also a good idea to examine the wall for anything sharp.  Dents and calcium deposits are the most common causes of sharp edges.  Sand away or tape over any or these.

Spend a little time on wall maintenance and you will increase the life of your pool by many years.


Rusted Skimmer Opening
Rust around the skimmer and return areas is pretty common and a fairly easy fix. I have seen stainless steel plates with the skimmer opening precut into them. The rust area needs to be cut out and the plate can then be bolted to the existing wall. You need to make sure you cut the wall carefully. The skimmer and faceplate need to mount on the new metal only and still leave enough good wall for the plate to be bolted to.


skimmer repair plate
This plate is called the Skimmer Pool Repair Kit and can be found on ebay. It comes with the nuts and bolts to attach to the pool wall and a drill bit for making the holes. It sells for about $75.00. My way of fixing this if a repair plate is not available is to tape a piece of metal over the rusted opening and cutting a new one in a good section of wall.


Sidewall Rust
This wall rust is caused by a liner that was allowed to leak for a period of time. If your liner leaks it is best to find the hole and patch it or replace the liner. With some sanding and painting this wall should look like new again before a new liner gets installed.


Tree on Pool
During an ice storm a tree fell on the pool. The wall could probably be straightened out by removing it, laying it out flat and pounding it flat again. My question would be what is the condition of the rest of the pool? I can see uprights and top rails that need replaced. Are these available at a reasonable price? The pool is partially in the ground, will there be major rust issues with the bottom rails and footplates? And of course a new liner will need to be bought. My thought would be it's time for a new pool.  


The last two photos show the bottom of a pool wall being reinforced. We cut an old sidewall in half and used it for our pool wall repair. The existing damage was not severe, but this will sure add a lot more years of life to this pool.

reinforcing pool wall


Reinforce a Pool


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