Solar Pool Cover

Best Way To Extend Your Pool Season

An above ground solar pool cover is the best and most economical way of extending your swimming season by at least two months.  Solar covers are also a must have item to use with solar panels and pool heaters.  In all the years I have owned an above ground pool I have always had a solar blanket and a winter cover.  They are both very useful items to add more ease of maintenance and usability to your pool.

above ground pool solar blanket

Solar pool covers heat the water during the day and they keep that warm water in at night.  Trapping that warm water in the pool at night is the reason they are so important when using any other type of pool heater.

above ground pool solar cover
They work very well on their own, but when teamed up with a solar panel or two, you could be swimming most of the year.

Solar covers on an above ground pool can be a hand full to remove by yourself.  It is either a two man job or a job for a solar cover reel.  Solar cover reels make putting the cover on and taking it off an easy one person operation.

There are reels made just for above ground pools and there are many types of in ground pool cover reels.  The above ground models mount to the pool top ledge.  With an in ground system a wood structure needs to be built at one end of the pool to support the hardware.

Pool Cover Reels (#ad)

Solar covers, or blankets as they are sometimes called, can last many years if you take care of them properly.  If your cover is not going to be used during the summer months store it out of the sun.  If it is to be left on the reel all of the time consider a reel cover.  The more sun protection you can give it the longer it will last.

Solar pool covers in three different thicknesses.  The least expensive are the 8 mil covers.  Also available are 12 mil. and 16 mil.  You can only buy what your finances will allow, but any one of these covers will make a big difference in the length of your swimming season. Of course, the thicker ones will heat better and last longer.


Solar Pool Cover
Blue Wave 18-Feet Round 8-mil Solar Blanket for Above Ground Pools, Blue


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