Above Ground Oval Pool Oval Side Posts Not Level

by Alan

End View of Pool

End View of Pool

End View of Pool Level on Upright Pool End View Pool Installed

Hello, I just got done with filling my Poolfactory oval buttress on each side pool and noticed that a few of the oval side uprights (not the buttresses) are out of level by 1". The pool water is level and it doesn't lean to any side. I have blocks under every plate and leveled each to perfect level but now that the pool is full three of the free standing uprights are out of plum. Could this be adjusted by pushing in the top or bottom of the posts while re-positioning the top rails and securing them with new holes? Could that be that when we did not push in the posts while securing the caps with screws? Again, The buttresses are plum and are hard as a rock and don't move. Can I have a friend push in on the uprights while I re-position the caps? Last question, what is the major function of the oval side uprights? they are flimsy and the bottom plates are plastic (Saltwater Pool. How do these support any sort of weight as the water in the pool weighs so much. Thank you for any advise and solution that you may give.

Hi Alan The installation looks great. Getting the ends to align straight does sometimes require some pushing and shoving It might also require making some new holes, in the top caps, to make everything aligned correctly.

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