Above Ground Pool Damage

by Jill

Above Ground Pool Damage

Above Ground Pool Damage

I am looking for some professional advice regarding the damage to our Above Ground Pool. As you can see in the pictures the heavy snow and ice have caused a collapse on the skimmer side of our pool wall.

In addition, the liner is ripped and the base of the pool wall is bowing. Is it possible to replace just the panel (I think it is called a wall saver) and will the bowing be fixed by draining the rest of the water out.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi Jill.

You have several options available to you as far as wall repair goes. A stainless steel skimmer panel could easily be spliced into the damaged skimmer area. You could cut your sidewall down letting it overlap the new panel by about six inches on each side. This gives you plenty of room to run a double row of nuts and bolts on each side of the new panel.

Another way to fix the skimmer area is a much less expensive way. After removing the liner and the skimmer you could hammer the wall flat and cover the opening with a piece of flat stock metal or aluminum. This can be taped into place on the inside of the pool. Make it plenty big enough to cover all the damage and hold it place with duct tape. Running a couple of the pieces of tape up and over the wall really help hold it in place. It just has to stay there long enough for the pool to fill with water, it is then held in place with water pressure.

A new skimmer opening can

now be cut in an undamaged section of pool wall. This is not too hard to do, you just need a drill, a razor knife, hole saw, hammer and tin snips. I start by using the faceplate on the outside of the pool wall and mark the two top corner holes. I then drill 1/4" holes through the wall. I then use a couple of nuts and bolts to bolt the faceplate to the wall, still on the outside of the pool. You can now drill out the rest of the holes, using the faceplate as a template. Next you use a sharp razor knife and score the square opening, several times, using the faceplate as a guide. Next, remove the faceplate, and using a hole saw, drill about a 1" or larger hole in the center of the square. Now, using your tin snips, make four cuts, from the center to each corner. You now have four pieces of wall that will easily snap off with a little bending back and forth. Use a hammer and 2x4 to flatten the entire area and you are good to go.

As far as the rest of the damage, the stuff down low, flatten it out as best possible. Using 2x4's and a hammer you should be able to make it look like new again. This could possibly turn into a weak area, but the good news is it is very low on the wall. As a precaution you could build up the cove on the inside of the pool. If, as you are filling the pool, you notice the crease coming back, mound dirt around the outside of the pool. Anything underground should be just fine.

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Mar 21, 2011
RE: Advice
by: Jill

Thank you so much for the advice. Where would I purchase a stainless steel skimmer panel? How far down would you cut the side wall?

Hi Jill

Many pools use these panels, Sharkline is one of them. You could probably start calling pool stores in your area and find one that sells a pool using a stainless steel panel. If so, they could probably order one for you. You could also do a google search for stainless steel skimmer panel.

You could completely cut out a few feet of wall, or you could just cut out the damaged skimmer and return area. In that case, probably cut the wall about half way down.

Jun 05, 2011
Same thing happened to me
by: Eric

What if the liner isn't ripped and it is leaking around the seal? How far is safe to drain the pool down and cut the wall? What is the recommended tool for cutting as I am concerned about metal shavings? Can I still use the same liner?


I'm not exactly sure what you are asking but I will do my best to answer your questions.

You might try lowering the water level to just below the skimmer. You can then remove the skimmer and flatten the wall. Reinstalling the skimmer should take care of the leak. If the gaskets are worn, replace them.

If you are going to do any wall cutting you would probably want the pool empty, I would think. Unless you are just wanting to cut out the skimmer area, then the water should be just below where you plan to be working.

I like doing my wall cutting with a sharp razor knife. You score the area several times and the wall can then be bent back and forth until it snaps.

As long as the liner is not completely drained, so that it shrinks up real bad, it should be just fine.

Jun 10, 2014
Skimmer repair panel
by: Do-it-yourself pool guy

There is a 13"x13" stainless steel pre-cut skimmer repair panel on ebay that allows you to replace only the section around the skimmer without replacing the entire wall section. This is what I did on my pool & no issues.

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