Above Ground Pool Dome

For Year Round Swimming

Looking for ways to extend your swimming season?  Don't overlook the possibilities of an above ground pool dome.  They create an indoor environment without the expense of building a room.

Do the mosquitoes and flying bugs ruin your pool time?  The screen dome might be the answer.  It would be like building a pool inside a screen room for half the price.

Above ground pool domes do take some time to construct.  I have only assembled a couple of them.  They were not difficult, just time consuming.  Having a dome on your above ground pool would be a good reason to have a beaded liner.  Beaded liners are designed so they can be changed without removing the pool top rail.  Most pools can be easily converted from an over lap liner to a beaded one without too much trouble.

above ground pool dome
The sun dome would work well with a solar pool heater or even a regular heater.  The dome would trap all of the warmth inside lowering your heating costs.

A sun dome like this could heat the air up to 40 degrees and the water to 20 degrees.


above ground pool screen dome
Sun domes and screen domes both make keeping your pool clean a breeze.  Without the leaves, bugs and dirt, your filter will have a lot less work to do.

These units have been engineered to fit different models of above ground pools.  You will find a dome for these pool brands.  They will fit Atlantic, Haughs, Poseidon, Swim'n Play, Cornelius, H&R, Lomart, Voque, Doughboy and Coleco.  Be sure you pick the model that fits your pool.


above ground pool sun dome


A Closer Look

From the Sun Dome listing you learn it comes with 1 door and 3 windows. One of the benefits is the heat factor, you can expect about 40 degrees in air temperature and up to 20 degrees in water temperature. Another benefit is the protection from outside debris making pool cleaning much easier. The dome is made with 12 gauge clear vinyl supported with an aluminum frame.

The link above will take you to the Amazon store with these size options. Ovals - 12' x 24' - 15' x 30' - 18' x 33' - 16' x 32'. Round pools - 21' and 27'. Sorry, there is no link because Amazon no longer carries them, but propools.com does, check them out there.

The 12' x 24' model comes with 4 options from 16 - 22 panels. 16 panels should fit pool brands Doughboy, Lomart, Atlantic and Sunmaster. 18 panels should fit Vogue, Jacuzzi, Esther Williams Swim N Play, Home and Roam, Haughs and Seaspray/Saratoga. 20 panels would fit the Wilbar Southwind or an older Muskin. Since the 22 panel is for a Coleco you probably do not need that one.

For the 15' x 30' the choices are 16-18-22 or 24 panel. The 16 panels will fit the Vantage by Atlantic and a Sun Master. 20 panels will fit Haughs, Poseidon, Swim and Play, the Wilbar Yardmore and the Muskin Ovation. 22 panels will fit Coleco, Lomart, Home and Roam, Muskin and Vogue. The 24 panels are for a Sharkline brand.

The 18' x 33' should fit these models. 18 panels is for Cantar, Sunmaster and the Vantage by Atlantic. 22 panel models are for Poseidon, Swim and Play, Esther Williams, Johnny Weissmuller and the Regatta by Jacuzzi. 24 panels is for the Muskin, Vogue, Cornelius, Haughs and Lomart.

The 16' x 32' comes in two sizes. The 20 panel is for the Doughboy brand pool. The 24 panel should fit Cornelius and Haughs.

The round pools are equally complicated. The 21' has 5 options. The 14 panel will fit Haughs, Polyteck, Poseidon and Swim and Play. 15 panels is for Cornelius, Home and Rome and Vogue. 16 panels is for Doughboy and Lomart models. 17 panels is for Swim and Play and the 18 panel will fit a Coleco pool.

The 27' model comes in 4 models. The 18 panell models will fit Haughs, Polytech, Sunmaster, Swim and Play and Esther Williams. 19 panels is for Cornelius, Home and Rome Muskin and Vogue. 20 panels is for Lomart and the 21 panels for Coleco and Lomart Premier.

If you count your top rails and match that with the correct number of panels you should have a model that will fit your pool.

Most of the reviews for this Dome are very positive. Here are a few of them.

At first I was hesitant to purchase a product for that much money online. It was a toss up to either buy a heater (I live in Michigan) or a dome. I'm so glad we bought the dome. This dome has made my life easier dealing with the debris that falls from the trees. And the bonus part is, it heats and keeps pool water warm.

We have had our fabrico sun dome for 6 or 7 years now. We did have to replace the vinyl part last year but I think it was our fault bc we didn't dry it good enough. Just the vinyl part was $450 but I was willing to buy a new one bc I love my sun dome. Our pool is so warm within a week of putting it on. It takes some getting used to at first (after several very hot days, the pool can be too hot for comfort) but we quickly learned the value in opening and closing the windows to maintain optimal temperature in the pool. We use fewer chemicals in the pool bc of the dome. We also don't have to spend as much time cleaning. The dome keeps leaves, bugs, and debris out of the pool. We can even swim at night without getting attacked by mosquitoes :-) We can literally walk into the pool. No chill, much of the summer. But it is still refreshing on a hot day....truly with just solar power. We tried the flat black things that attach to the pool using solar energy, they really did nothing. I will admit that it is a pain in the neck to get on. It is heavy and is best suited for 2 men to set it up. I help my husband, but it is quite frustrating at times. Thankfully it is only twice a year (once up and once down) And in my opinion, worth the hassle for the great swim season!

I have had my Fabrico 12' x 32' Sun Dome for 4 years now. It is the best money I've spent on anything in many years. I live in the Houston area and leave it up year-round. The water is warm enough to swim from March to Oct. Once the water hits 86 degrees--(usually by Memorial weekend)--I put up green shade cloth inside--lengthwise-between the poles and the vinyl. I use 3 rolls that are 8ft x 40ft, overlapping a little. This keeps the water from getting above 90 degrees all summer. Then on Labor Day I take the shade cloth back down, roll it up, dry in the sun, and store it in my shed. The water is always spotless. I use very little chemicals and little maintenance. The shade cloth makes it very private too! I installed the sun dome by myself, taping the poles together at the top. I use a small ladder in the pool to reach the top. It is time consuming but not difficult. (I am 63yr old). It is easier to slide the vinyl up over the poles from inside the pool if the water is warm enough. After the vinyl is installed--I put a clear large gallon-size freezer bag between the spider connectors and the vinyl to prevent the vinyl rubbing on the spiders when it is windy.

This negative reviewer was a little mislead. The dome has a solar effect, no actual solar panels. The heating of the water will take longer than the heating of the air.

I just bought this and I am kind of on the fence about it . First of all it does not have solar panels or anything it is plain plastic. I have had mine on for days and my pool water is not that warm, I feel like our solar cover did a better job. It does help keep your pool cleaner which is a good thing, but it kind of looks like a circus tent and I have gotten many remarks about that. I think that all being said it would be more worth it if it was less expensive. It is to early to rate it with many stars maybe I will change my mind as time goes by. Just letting you know how I feel.



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