Above Ground Pool Lower Wall Buckling

I just had and 30 foot round installed and it has about a foot of water in it. The liner is extremely tight on one area and it is buckling the wall. You can't hardly even push the liner against the wall.

Should I drain and let the liner sit in the sun for a few days and then try again?


No, you do not want to drain it and let it sit. You may need to drain it and readjust it, but not let it sit. An empty liner will shrink when left empty, the opposite of what you want to happen.

What you probably need to do is shut the water off and and wait until the next day when the sun is high overhead and has had a good chance to warm the liner up. All vinyl needs is a little sun to soften up and stretch.

The difference is amazing. A liner in the shade becomes firm and non giving, as soon as a little sunlight is on it it softens right up and stretches.

I would just wait for the right time of day and finish filling it. At that time you should be able to get in the pool and push the wall out, the liner should give enough for you to do that.

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Apr 22, 2012
Wall Buckling
by: Brian

Ok, so that is pretty normal when it is cool outside? Today was about 60 degrees and I tried to get inside the pool and push it out but it bounces right back. When it gets hot enough you think it will stay? Or drain on it on a warm day and try to readjust it? Does the liner need to come off to adjust the pool wall? Sorry for all of the questions, but very frustrated about a brand new pool being installed and it doesn't seem right. Also one thing I noticed was they used a 52 inch liner for a 54 inch pool. Will it stretch enough to work?

Hi Brian.

If you paid to have this done won't they come back to fix it. It sounds like they installed the wrong size liner.

When it's a hundred degrees out you could easily get by with that, in most cases, but not in 60 degree weather.

If the liner is an overlap liner, and there is extra liner to use, you might be able to release some liner to take the pressure off the wall.

If it is any type of beaded liner there is not much to adjust. Your best bets are to have them redo it or wait for warm weather and hope for the best.

Apr 24, 2012
Wall Buckle
by: Brian

They came yesterday to look at it while I was gone. They said the heat would stretch the liner and they began to fill it again. So far the wall has stayed straight so I hope it will work. Thanks again.

Sounds Good, it might work.

Apr 27, 2012
Above Ground Pool lower wall
by: Brian

Ok, so the installers came back out and after it filled I noticed this. Any recommendations? It looks like the bottom by the rail is buckling? Will this hurt the pool?

Hi Brian.

Most of the time if the wall is buckling at the bottom it is because the rail is a bit high in that area. This can usually be fixed by using a screw driver and carefully scraping a little dirt out from under the rail and letting it settle down a little.

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