Above Ground Pool Manufacturers

Your Pool Options For This Swimming Season

Above ground pool manufacturers come and go on a yearly basis.  They get bought out, they get renamed, or they shut down completely.  This page is an up to date recap of who is still manufacturing above ground pools, what pools they are making and how to get a hold of them.

This list starts with my two favorite pool companies, Doughboy and Lomart.  These are sister companies, both are divisions of Hoffinger Industries, Inc.  In my opinion you cannot go wrong with pools from either of these lines.

Doughboy Pools

Doughboy Pool
Doughboy Recreation Was founded in 1947.  Over the years they have continued to produce some of the best above ground pools ever sold.  As a pool installer, they sure get my vote as the best pool ever made.  They have been owned by Hoffinger Industries since 1974 with absolutely no noticeable difference to the high quality we had come to expect from Doughboy.

The Doughboy lineup for this year is: Tuscany, Prestige, Diamond, Desert Spring, Autumn Breeze, Intrigue, Copper Canyon, Silver Lake and Sand Dollar II.  See them all at doughboypools.com.

Lomart Pools

They have been in the pool business for over 60 years.  They have become a leader in the above ground pool industry and all of their products are American Made.  The quality of these pools is tops, just like Doughboy.

Grand Canyon, Grey Mist, Interlude, Seville, Deluxe Summer Serenade, Whispering Wind Two and Wind Surfer are their models to choose from and they can be seen at lomart.com.

Asahi Above Ground Pools

Asahi Above Ground Pool
Asahi is a large volume pool importer from Japan.  They have been around for over thirty years with only one name change that I know of.  Their corporate site is in Japanese and therefore not posted here.  Asahi Pools are also sold under the name Mighty Sun Pools.

Their product line includes the Everest 7", the Elite 8" and the Premium 9".


Cornelius has been building quality above ground pools since 1971, before that they were manufacturing steel walled, in ground, vinyl liner pools.  These pools are manufactured in Canada.

Visit corneliuspools.com to view this selection: Alpha, Dynasty, Hampton, Hartley, Kamika, Millenium, Miramar, Monaco, Nuance, Pacifica and Solex.

Esther Williams - Johnny Weissmuller - Symphony Series

Up until a couple of years ago all three of these above ground pool companies were owned by Delair Group LLC.  They had manufactured above ground pools for over forty years.  These companies have been sold to Wil-Bar International.  The Esther Williams line will be produced by Premier Aluminum Pools, a Wil-Bar International company.  Teddy Bear Pools and Spas has become the national distribution center for replacement parts.  They will be selling parts for Johnny Weissmuller, Esther Williams and the Symphony Series pools.

Wil-Bar International Inc. Companies - The Wilbar Group

Many of the top manufacturers of above ground pools are part of the Wilbar Group.  These include:


Sharkline is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of above ground pools.  They were founded in 1961 and have been making quality American made pools ever since.

The aluminum wall pools are the Navigator 54 and the Oasis Semi-Inground.  The steel wall line consists of Endeavor STR 52 and 54, Escalade STR 52, Oceanic STR 54, Escalade RTR 54, Oceanic RTR 54 and the Matrix 54.  They can all be seen at sharkline.com.


Seaspray is a branded line of above ground pools and they have been around for over 40 years.

The Allure, Evolution CLX, Sensation, Ponderosa GLX and Genesis 54 can all be seen at seasprayswimmingpools.com.

Aqua Leader

Aqua Leader Above Ground Pool
Aqua Leader was founded in 1975 and purchased by the Wilbar Group in 2004.  They are a Canadian company and pride themselves in their use of resin, and in their large selection of models to choose from.

Their line includes the Reflexion, Sentinelle, Influence, Escape/Evasion, Creation, Blues, Generation and Liberty.

Atlantic Pools

Atlantic Pools was founded in the 1930's and has been a major contender in the pool market ever since.  They offer a wide range of models, sizes and price ranges.  All their pools are made from hot-dipped galvanized steel.

This years Atlantic line includes Chateau, Condord, Esprit II, Estate, J1000, Liberty, Neptune, Oasis, Urbania, Vantage, Esprit GLX, Generation, Malibu and Sierra.  See them at atlanticpoolproducts.com.

Voque Pool Products - Trendium Pool Products

Voque Pool Products Inc. is now Trendium Pool Products Inc.  They are still part of the Wilbar Group and they still manufacture quality above ground swimming pools.

This years models include Affirma Dune, Alias Terra - Coral, Atrium Dune, Costa Del Sol, Discovery Avantgarde, Infinity Coral, Inspiration LX Swirl, Oceania - Mistral, Revelation Laguna - Equator, Riviera Deluxe II, Simbio Ellipse - Orion, Toscane -  Tuscony, Ultrada - Ellipse and Zenith Tuscany.

Garden Leisure Pools

Garden Leisure Pools has the Eclipse LX, Discovery LX, The Oracle and the Voyager LX.  Find them at gardenleisurepools.com

Outback Pools

Outback Pools line consists of Southport GLC, Melbourne, Empire, Newcastle, Brisbane and the Barrier Reef.  They are at outbackabgpools.com.

Celebration Pools

The Celebration Products are the Fusion LX, Festiva, Fiero LX, Mission, Distinction LX, Impress and Rio II.

If I have left out a company, please let me know, I would like this list to be as complete as possible.  Just contact me.



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