Above Ground Pool On Styrofoam

by Sandy
(Taylorsville, Ky.)

Can a 15' round pool (including the metal sides) be set up on top of a level styrofoam base, or does the styrofoam have to just be on the inside of the pool?

My husband is planning to level the ground and put down 1/2" treated plywood with the styrofoam over the top of it and maybe a couple tarps over that. Does this sound alright to you or could the styrofoam go directly on the ground?

The main question I have though is whether or not the whole pool (walls and all) can sit on top of the styrofoam and after the pool is up and filled just trim off the styrofoam around the outside of the pool.

Thank You, Sandy

Hi Sandy.

I will try to answer all of your questions regarding above ground pools and Styrofoam. We often set the entire pool on top of foam for indoor display pools and have never had a problem.

When using foam as thin as 1/2" I would not use it on bare ground, putting it on plywood is much better. Foam that thin needs a very flat service. One inch or better foam would do alright on smooth dirt.

The only problems I could see with doing this outdoors would be bugs or birds eating or tearing apart the foam, the part exposed outside the pool. If you plan to keep the foam covered, that will probably not be a problem.

I would like to see the foam extend out beyond the pool by at least six inches to prevent any possibility of the foam collapsing at the pools edge.

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May 30, 2011
Thank You
by: Sandy

Thank you so much. I wasn't expecting such a quick response. Thank you again. I will show this to my husband.

You are very welcome.

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