Above Ground Pool Post Leaning

by Patty
(Gulfport, MS)

Post on Pool Leaning

Post on Pool Leaning

After 3 weekends of preparation, we got the pool wall up, in the track, installed the liner, and have secured that. I put each of the 16 posts up around my 24 foot round, but have not installed the top rails. Began filling it with water Easter Sunday, and woke at 2 am to check it. A post is leaning outward. I turned the water off because it was dark, and I was afraid.

The next day this is what I found (see picture). After checking it all the way around, everything is in the track. If I put on top rails will it help straighten this up? Should I have already done that? My concern is that the block and material under has settled, and now I am not level right here, but my pool is almost full. What do you recommend? I have not installed skimmer yet.

Hi Patty

You are right about a couple of things. One, you should have installed the rails before filling the pool. They might have kept the post from leaning.

The second thing you are right about is you probably do have a low post. While I would not do this with a full pool, with a half full pool it would probably work. You could use a long screwdriver and try to pry the bottom rail and footplate up a little and wedge a roofing shingle or something under the footplate.

Installing the top rails is another way to straighten posts that are just a little off. It's hard to do with a full pool, but with less water this may be all you need to do.

Before you do anything I would check the level of the pool. This is easiest to do with a full pool, but any amount of water in the pool will work. Measure the distance from the top of the pool wall to the water level. Do this every few feet around the pool. You should not vary by more than an inch. If you do vary, just a little, and it's gradual, you are probably OK. If you have a large dip in a small area, this is not so good. I would try to raise it, even if that means draining some water.

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