Above Ground Pool Sinking

by Mrs. B

My above ground swimming pool seems to be sinking further into the ground, only on one side of the pool. We did all the leveling of the ground like we were supposed to but now it seems that where we add earth it is sink down making the pool un-level.

Which is really a surprise because we even used patio blocks under all the vertical columns for support. Is there any way we can fix this issue without removing all water and starting over again? Is this even that big of an issue to even worry about?

Hi Mrs. B. It's very possible it's not even worth worrying about depending on how far off level the pool is. There are many factors that determine how safe an un-level pool is. How well it's constructed is one and how much dirt is packed around the outside is another. A pool two foot in the ground can be many inches off level and still be safe.

Leveling can be done without taking out all the water. You would have to drain it down to about one to two inches. You would then remove several top rails in the area you want to work on. While one person is holding the liner back another person can raise or lower the tracks and posts. Make sure the coving is repaired and the liner should fall back into place just like it was.

You may need to do this in several places but do not do more than a few rails at a time. Pools can be raised or lowered, or both, using this method. More about it is on this page.

Pool Out of Level

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Sep 03, 2012
pool sinking
by: Birdman33

I have a 12X24 oval pool. All the walls are straight vertically (one or two may be 1/4 and 3/4 inch out next to main support on one side). My first question is...are these walls subject to giving way being they are out 1/4 inch and 3/4 inch. When I say not vertical the top is out further than the bottom. Second my pool posts on one side have sunk leaving me with the three supports lower and one post lower. Visually it looks bad cause I want it perfect, is this bad? I measured the water as suggested on this site and it appears to be 3/4 of inch difference in the height from one side to the other. Is it worth me draining and removing liner to straighten the walls to perfect and to jack poles and supports. Also I noticed that the one main support has tilted back when it sunk maybe a quarter inch as well bending the metal bracket that coupled over the metal coping. any suggestions would be great.

Hi. This does not sound to bad so far, but I would sure keep an eye on it. If it continues to settle and get worse it is time to drain and make repairs. If it just stays a visual thing then it's up to you as far as when you drain it.

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