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What You Should Expect

What should you expect from an above ground pool store?

An above ground pool or two on display is a good start.  There is no better way to see exactly what you are getting than to have fully operational display.

pool toys in pool
A display of the different liner options, using actual pieces of vinyl is important.  I have heard many complaints from people who say their liner color is not like the picture they saw.  The actual vinyl is the best way to see the color and the pattern.  It is also a great way to demonstrate the different vinyl thicknesses, or gauges.

Having at least one operational filter is a great way to see how the system operates and how noisy it is.  Should this be installed near your bedroom window?  The store model should be able to answer that question for you.

Assembled, and on display, samples of all the different filters offered is the best way to show you the different options and how they all operate.  They don't all have to be hooked to pool but they should be assembled as if they were.

When you look into the pool full of clean sparkling water you should see a pool cleaner in action.  They may have several models to choose from but at least one should be in motion, keeping the pool clean.

In an above ground pool store there should be a display rack full of color brochures showing all the different pools that are available from this store.  There should also be brochures for the liners, filters and cleaners.  The salesman should not have to rummage through his desk trying to find something with a picture on it, so you can see what they don't have on display.

Does the pool store have a designated water testing station and trained, friendly employees to do the testing.  Do they give honest chemical advice based on their test or do they try to up sell you a ton of expensive cleaning agents.

I have been in hundreds of pool stores and the ones that were serious about selling above ground pools would have the items mentioned above.  At least that's the way I see it.  How do you see it?

I would love to hear about your favorite pool store, or least favorite.  If you have received great service brag a little for this store.  If you got nothing but headaches please warn others to stay away.  Thanks.


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