Above Ground Pool Upright Heaved Up

by JC

Top Rail Raised

Top Rail Raised

The upright has heaved up and caused the top rail to separated from the wall around the upright. It has separated only a couple of feet. Can I dig down underneath the cement block and bottom rail until it goes back down?

Hi JC. That would be the best way to start, to dig out around the bottom of the upright.

Do you know the reason it heaved up? That happens occasionally during the winter months when the ground freezes, but not so much any other time. When it does happen it is not usually isolated to just one upright.

I suppose if you know the reason it happened, and you are sure it won't happen again, then fixing it should be fairly easy and the pool will be as good as new again.

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Jul 20, 2011
Upright either heaved or sunk????
by: JC


I looked again today and can't tell if it heaved or settled. Two winters ago the wooden platform I use for the pool ladder was under the pool rail and during the winter heaved the top rail up. I am assuming this pulled the top rail from the wall. I noticed the cove at the bottom of the pool around this upright has almost disappeared. Any suggestions?

Hi. If the cove has almost disappeared I would give this area a real close look. If the liner is near touching any frame metal, like bottom rails or footplates, I would drain the pool ASAP. Repairs should be made, metal touching liners can easily cause blowouts.

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