Above Ground Pool with Main Drain

Hole for Above Ground Pool

Hole for Above Ground Pool

I have 27' Delta 52" pool with a 27' Gala wall. I would like to move it to make it under the ground, then I'm going to put a center drain in. I'm sending a picture of the hole we are moving it to.

What I would like to know is how should I put my piping and hoses under the pool and do you think it might look to deep for setting it in the open whole.

Hi Eileen

The hole for the pool does not look too deep. I recommend you always have at least a foot of pool wall sticking out of the ground when installing an above ground pool in ground. It does need some cleaning out and leveling. From the center point of the hole measure out a 16' radius. The sides of the hole should be straight up and down at that distance from the center. This will allow enough room to work around the pool as you are installing it.

Before you begin installing the center drain you may want to read this page.
Above Ground Pool Main Drain

The center drain installation takes place after the rail has been laid down and leveled. When all the ground is level and raked smooth you should remove the center stake you used for making the pool round. This is the spot to dig for the drain. From this center spot you need to dig about a 12" deep trench to about a foot past the bottom rail somewhere

near the filter location. The drain should be plumbed with rigid 1 1/2" PVC pipe coming out the side, not the bottom. Outside the pool elbow the pipe up and out of the ground by a couple of feet. The trench and center hole can all be back filled and packed at this point. Do some final raking on the area and it is ready for sand and then the pool wall. The rest of the plumbing can be done once you have water going into the pool.

Before the liner gets installed I glue the bottom gasket onto the top of the drain. I keep all of the screw holes covered and protected until this time, you do not want them filling up with sand or dirt. After the liner has been installed and water is going into the pool I get back in and install the second gasket, face plate and grit. Install the faceplate and gasket before you cut the drain opening in the liner.

The biggest mistake I have seen people make with installing a center drain themselves is cutting the liner too soon. They finish the drain too soon and then find the liner is not properly centered and will not fit the pool. Now there is a big hole in the center.

The pool should be finished with at least six inches of water in it before you get in to finish the drain. Anymore than six inches makes it difficult to insert the screws, tighten them and cut the liner, so don’t wait too long.

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