Above Ground Pools And Moles

by Lori

I have a 33' round by 52" high pool that is 5 years old this year. After the first winter we uncovered it to find trenches all around the outer edge of the pool.

At first I thought it was from rain water somehow getting under the pool liner. Another winter comes and goes and again we uncover the pool in the spring to find the trenches are so bad that they have pulled the bead out.

After crying for a bit I started making phone calls and find that those trenches are from moles tunneling on the outer edges of the pool. (Apparently a common problem in Kansas.) Last year in 2013 we drained the pool added sand and smoothed, packed and refilled. And again this Spring (2014) we have trenches on the outer edge of the pool. We have been treating for moles and setting traps trying to kill these little destructive critters.

So I guess my question is..... would putting a pool crete base down solve our problem?

Please any suggestions? Lori

Hi Lori

Pool crete might work, I have never heard of it used for mole control. Carpeting under the sand seems to help. Chicken wire slows them down. The only way I know of for sure is a concrete pad. That really takes care of them.

So if you cannot get rid of the pests you need to do something to the pool. If you go with the pool crete let me know how it works.

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Jun 26, 2014
Ridding your lawn of moles:
by: Anonymous

It's the insects and grub worms they are after that is in the yard..their food, the sand under the pool makes it easy for them to tunnel in, under and around.

I sank my pool 10-12 inches into the ground-but my pool was made to be in ground not all pools are..I was told that moles would not tunnel that deep...however ground hogs will...just my luck

anyway Go to this webpage...it might help


The little bugger is a formidable enemy. An average mole, though weighing just 5 or 6 ounces, can dig up to 18 feet per hour through the less-dense upper soil of a lawn, studies have shown. And while moles don't actually eat plant bulbs, as many homeowners think, the damage they can do is very real: Their tunneling in pursuit of insects and worms detaches the roots of grass, exposes soil so that weeds can root...

Good luck

Apr 30, 2015
moles and above ground pool
by: Anonymous

I have a huge mole problem in my yard and flower beds. We put a 3' perimeter of 1/4" red stone about 3"deep all around the pool with landscape timbers to hold stone in place. I only have my pool two years but haven't had a problem around the pool yet. I'm wondering if the stone perimeter might have helped. If I were you I would put lawn insect killer down around the pool in a perimeter about 10 ft. out from pool wall. Eliminate the source of mole food and you might eliminate the problem. Hope this helps.

Mar 02, 2016
Re Moles
by: Anonymous

Moles detest gravel and chicken wire. We are going to use both under the area where we plan to put the pool. Obviously, we will fill in with dirt and sand to ensure the bottom of the pool is not a lumpy foot hazard. We are also "trenching" 3 feet outwards from the pool exterior with about 10 inches of gravel and more chicken wire. Hopefully this will work.

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