Above Ground Pool, Deck and Awning

From Start To Finish

The project was to build an above ground pool surrounded by a wood deck, covered with an aluminum awning and enclosed in a screen room. Not at all an easy project but since I am in the pool and awning installation business I took on the job.


braces for above ground pool inground
Pool Braces
This is the start of our project. We have a hole dug and the above ground pool brace system installed. The tricky part was digging the dirt on the side near the home. It was mostly done by hand and jack hammer because I did not want to get the tractor too close to the home. A laser transit was used to set the height at the top of the supports just below door level. This was to allow the decking to be at door level.



above ground pool installed inground
Pool Installed In Ground
The pool wall is up and the outer framework built. We attached boards to the outside of the pool to hold the dirt away from the pool. We wanted to be able to build the deck before we installed the liner, without the dirt caving the pool wall in, meaning a certain amount of backfill needed to be done before we started the deck. We were using a beaded liner in the pool, so it made sense to install the deck before the liner.


pool deck around above ground pool
Deck Around Pool
Here the deck has been built around the above ground pool. This pool deck was built more like our mobile home decks because we used plywood on the top. The plywood will later get indoor, outdoor carpet. The window behind where the girl is sitting was removed and a sliding glass door installed. This made a nice entry into the pool room from the living room.


above ground pool and aluminum awning
Pool and Awning
The room walls have been framed and the sliding glass door installed. This is a 12' x 24' above ground pool with a 52" wall. We went with a beaded liner so it could be changed without removing any of the deck. The liner fits into a groove that attaches to the top of the pool wall and allows it to be changed from inside the pool without removing the top rail.


pool filter and solar heater
Pool Equipment
This is a picture from the backyard. The filter and solar panel have been installed and hooked up. The solar panel was given to the customer by a friend and he later found out it was not adequate in size to heat the pool. Being under this much shade it needed more. Later they had one side of the roof covered in panels and the pool is comfortable year round.


filter cover and screen room
Above Ground Pool Wood Deck
A box was built to hide the filter. This above ground pool, deck and aluminum awning were built off the back of a mobile home. This same type installation could be done in any situation on any type home.


awning, deck and pool
Pool, Deck and Awning

It is almost finished. The carpet was installed later and a nice molding around the pool itself really made it look nice. If you live in Arizona and would be interested in a price on this type of project contact me for a free estimate.




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